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20:49 29-08-2009
I didn't see you at DEAM in Vegas or I would already have a She-P. I will be ordering one today. I can't wait.
01:53 22-08-2009
All I can say is WOW! No more nusiance and no more worries. I did make one small modification, and wear my She-P in my boy friends athletic cup. It has a hole in it for the proper routing and I do wear a sanitary pad with it in a brief, but this eliminates the need to shave, keeping me and my boyfriend happy for other reasons. Thanks again!!
20:36 16-06-2009
I have used She-P for diving for over a year now and have just recently started using it in my other sport - long duration glider flights. It works so well, i'd be recommending it to other girl pilots in my club!

Thanks a bunch,

20:37 13-06-2009
Dear Helen,
I dove the brand new blue She-P today and it is even better than the old one. It empties very fast and the texture is so soft that you almost forget about wearing it. I will never go dry suit diving without it again and hope that all girls find out about it. Thank you so much for this invention. All the best Sylvia
00:55 06-01-2009
She-P was the best christmas present ever. My husband sure knows how to please a woman! No more sprinting to a spot-a-pot in doubles, or trying to keep my suit off the nasty floor of the head. Extremely easy to use, even the first time.
14:39 30-12-2008
Heleen! You're the best! Thanks to you for developing such an amazing product. The She-P has made this year so much more comfortable for me, for diving! I love the feeling of being able to go whenever I want! You ROCK!
05:51 07-12-2008
I've been dreaming of this for years--so I can do extended range cave diving in a drysuit. How can I order one?
07:10 24-10-2008
I have been using the she-p for about 3 months and don't want to dive without it...in fact I put it on before I leave the house and love the fact I don't have to sit or squat anywhere. I have thought that if someone in the next stall saw my feet facing the wrong direction they may wonder if I was in the right place...lol. I am happy to give advice to anyone about my learning curve....it was a very small curve.... Anyway I can drink water all day long if I want........Your biggest fan.....just me carolyn
01:36 15-05-2008
This weekend I am finally going to get a chance to christen my she-p in the open water! I am surprised by how much I enjoy the thought of being hydrated on a long dive, instead of being afraid to drink anything(and risking the local "toilets/boat head" whatever they may consist of).

Thank You!!!
11:56 12-03-2008
Great site, good clear information.
And I know that the She-P really works.
Nice picture above ;-))
20:00 11-03-2008
I want to order mine ASAP.... but my outlook doesn't work, can I call and order?
12:43 09-03-2008
The site is looking fantastic! Very nice work!
Berichten: 16 t/m 30 van de 27.
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