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22:30 10-03-2017
Took the idea and added a hose, now wife is happy as I no longer pee on the floor or toilet seat
13:17 13-04-2016
Good morning, my name is Jose Morey, I really like your idea and solution for women, I find it very interesting your valve and urine system
I'm spearfishing, scuba diver, I live in Mallorca.
I have a web comopeces.com, a website with over 4000 visits per day.
Offer the opportunity to make known their system and publicize it if interested.
In addition many visits do I have in social networks, plus I'm the president of a club subcuáticas activities and partner through the website of the federation, this June we organized the first international trophy spearfishing for women.
I hope your ifnromación if interested in collaboration
Jose Morey
10:45 18-03-2014
Hello from Venezuela. Your product can be used in bedridden elderly women? with paraplegia?
18:25 28-10-2013
Mi pregunta es se puede usar en un traje humedo de pesca submarina si no te pones ningun tipo de ropa interior debajo ?
02:43 09-06-2013
I have little success with the She-P. I have tried different positions when putting it on, waiting various lengths of time for the glue to set, priming before entry into the water.....
I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Is it possible that I void to fast or too much and then the device will leak to the side or back? Do I need a larger cup? I am not as wet with the She-P. I would say on a any given dive it is only 60% effective.
20:48 01-01-2013
This avid hunter meant to say, "I am part of a market you have not targeted.... No pun intended!" Should have put my glasses on!
20:42 01-01-2013
I am avid hunter. All the guys can take a pop bottle into the deer stand to pee in, while I still have to climb out of the stand to find a place away from the stand. I am part of a marketed you have not target.... No pun intended! I found out about the she-p from a family member I just met for the first time. She is a diving instructor. I asked what she did when the call of nature yelled! Cabela's, Bass-Pro and other hunting stores have NOTHING like this. Eveything they have still require the removing of hunting pants. Women do belong in the woods...HUNTING!
15:39 30-07-2012
I agree with U " This is a good thinking"


Maski do nurkowania
03:55 09-06-2012
I have it since 2009 - it's still great! Cannot dive without it Thank you!
05:06 01-06-2011
You guys are awesome! Thank you for what you do! In the winter I could not live wihout mine!
06:00 24-04-2011
I could not imagine diving in my drysuit without my she-p! Thank you.
03:53 07-04-2011
Hi, I am trying to contact you regarding some advice about distributing the Megalodon CCR in the EU. We are now CE marked. I was curious about having InnerSpace Systems Corp Europe in your country assuming it was business friendly. Any advice would be great.
20:34 18-03-2011
Hello, My name is Eric from Centre de Plongée Nepteau inc. in Montreal Quebec Canada, I would like to become a reseller. Is it possible and how? Many thanks for your attention.
10:28 25-09-2010
The She-P is wonderful. I won't dive without it. It is one of those indespensable must haves in life that every woman should have (divers anyway ) , like a battery drill, black lace bra and a vibrator. The learning curve is small but worth it.
20:27 20-01-2010
Wonderful idea! Could have really done with it when I was instructing in cold water. It's got to have lots of applications for women.
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[1] 2Ouder